A message from Bill and Joe Giacci from

A message from Bill and Joe Giacci from ClassicMetalWorks
You read it right! We are sending you a sneak peak of our big announcement for the 2014 iHobby Show! The model railroad market has spoken and we have responded – introducing the all-new 1960 Ford Truck HO scale model product line!
For the past 20 years the model railroad marketplace has been dominated by product aimed at what has been called the “Transition Era.” A moniker defined as the time period of 1946 to 1957, an era when both steam and diesel locomotives rode the rails at the same time.
However, like everything – “the times they are a changing” the later boomers and Gen-X’ers are now populating the ranks of the model railroading hobby and so too is their desire to re-create their childhood memories. This era is known as the “Second Generation” from 1959 through the late 1960’s. Thus, the need for product that appeals to this growing segment of the model railroading market.
Why the 1960 Ford truck? Ford’s modern design of 1960 signaled the beginning of its unprecedented leadership of the light and medium truck business, a position it still holds 54 years later! And most importantly the 1960 Ford truck model not only appeals to the “Second Generation” modeler, it will also be the only HO scale truck product in aimed at this market! We have an exclusive here people! We are determined to remain the leader in HO and N scale vehicle models and we are leading the way by providing models for the next generation of model railroaders with the same attention to accuracy, detail, and value. That’s why we tell our customers – “No Model Railroad Layout is Realistic, Until it’s Mini Metals Realistic!”

Best regards,
Bill & Joe http://ow.ly/i/6zf7k

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