One of the most popular operating access

One of the most popular operating accessories in the M.T.H. RailTown line is Mel’s Diner. This retro looking structure features two die-cast 1/43rd scale automobiles, moving skaters, lots of flashing lights and operating sound. With a push of the activation button, a catchy tune begins playing along with the sound of an automobile coming around the corner. Before long, it appears and drifts into a parking spot where its driver is greeted by a skating waitress who has rolled out of the diner to take a food order. The scene continues with interaction between the waitress and the driver of the car as she skates back and forth with the meal order and change all the while flashing diner lights and music plays. The scene ends, when the car’s occupants have finished their meal at which time the car starts up and backs out of the spot and drives back around the diner. The easy to install diner comes completely assembled. Wiring is easy and takes just a few minutes. Power is provided by a user supplied transformer. Any AC transformer will work.

An essential part of any steam-era layou

An essential part of any steam-era layout, this N scale Walthers Wooden Coal Tower kit is based on a North American prototype. It’s typical of those found at smaller terminals, stations, junctions, helper terminals and along secondary and branch lines. Wood towers were also found on mainlines, especially before more modern concrete towers came along, and many survived until the end of steam–long enough to serve big 2-8-8-2s and other large engines. The model features realistic wood siding, chutes for two tracks and a hopper dump shed.

This N scale Santa Fe-Style Brick Freigh

This N scale Santa Fe-Style Brick Freight House is based on many built systemwide on the Santa Fe circa 1908. The depot features brick construction with a large arched window on the operator’s bay, wood eave supports and a tile roof. The matching freight house was where express shipments were handled. In most cases it was attached, and the depot kit includes an extra end wall to allow for this. The freight house kit can also be built as a freestanding facility. Several depots had an expanded freight room that can be modeled by combining several freight houses. The combination kit includes the depot and one freight house. While the depot is based on a common Santa Fe depot, it’s similar to structures used by several western railroads, so it’ll look at home on almost any layout.