John E. Wootten developed the Wootten fi

John E. Wootten developed the Wootten firebox to effectively burn anthracite waste, which was a plentiful, cheap source of fuel. Wootten determined that a large, wide firebox would work best. As the successful trailing truck used to support large fireboxes had not yet been developed, Wootten instead mounted his huge firebox above the locomotive’s driving wheels. The problem now arose that with a cab floor at the then standard tender deck height, it would be impossible for the locomotive’s engineer to see forwards around the firebox shoulders. Instead, a cab for the engineer was placed above and astride the boiler, which developed the name ‘Camelback.’ The fireman, however, remained at the rear with minimal protection from the elements. This gave rise to the unusual shape of the camelbacks. New in stock is the Lionel LionChief Plus Camelbacks. These engines are a great addition to your layout and add an unusual engine to your roster.